Caltech High Energy Physics Tier2
Tier2 of the High Energy Physics CMS Group at the California Institute of Technology

The Tier2 Center at California Institute of Technology provides computing support for the international scientific community. This project is a joint venture between the High Energy Physics group and Center for Advanced Computing Research. Our facility is part of the Data Grid Hierarchy set-up for Large Hadron Collider experiments. It serves as an intermediary between the Tier1 center at Fermilab and universities in Southern California. Our primary focus is computing support for the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment. We provide resources for other HEP experiments as well. Our group is an active member of the Open Science Grid Consortium.

Some racks of the Caltech T2 at the Center for Advanced Computing Research

The Tier2 center at California Institute of Technology is partially supported by the National Science Foundation under award PHY-0533280.